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What is Good News Letter ? How to write a good news letter?

What is Good News Letter ? How to write a good news letter?

Good-News Letter 

You will often have the opportunity to write good-news letters. For example, you might write a letter promoting an employee or offering  an individual a job at your corporation. You might write to commend a colleague for a job well done. Maybe you will write to tell a customer that his or her request for a refund was justified.

Criteria of Writing a Good-News Letter

  • Letter essentials
  • Maintain technical style
  • Avoid grammatical and mechanical errors
  • In addition, you need to write an introduction, a discussion, and a conclusion

1. Introduction:

  • The introduction should immediately explain WHY you are writing and tell WHAT you are writing about.
  • Furthermore, since your goal is to convey good news, you should begin with positive word usage.
  • Example:
  • Congratulations! We are proud to offer you an early promotion, Jan.

2. Discussion:

  • Once you have explained why you are writing and what you are writing about, the next step is to provide the detail– to explain exactly what has justified the commendation or the promotion.

3. Conclusion:

  • Once you have clarified what has resulted in the good news. Your last paragraph should state what you plan next( or expect from your reader next), when the action will occur, and why the date is important.

Congratulations! We are proud to offer you early promotion, Jan.

You have earned a grade raise for the following reasons:

    1. Productivity: Your line personnel produced 2,000 units per month throughout this quarter.

    2. Efficiency:    You maintained a 95 percent manufacturing efficiency rating.

    3. Supervisory Skills: You received only four grievances; your annual  performance appraisals showed that your subordinates appreciated your motivational management techniques. 

Because of your excellent work, you will receive your pay increase from the next month. You deserve it. Good work, Jan.

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