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The 7 Cs of Effective Communication

  1. Clarity ( not vague)
  2. Conciseness( short, simple and brief)– brevity is the key to effective communication
  3. Completeness ( well-connected thoughts in the form of sentences)
  4. Consideration( be emphatic—right ideas should be stressed on)
  5. Correctness( accuracy) – no rumors, no bias and no grammatical errors. It should be exact and correct.
  6. Concreteness: It should be to the point supported by facts and figures in a very easy language.
  7. Courtesy : This implies that both sender and receiver should have good terms with each other so as to understand each other’s thoughts and feelings and respect them.
    ( Practical, factual, concise, clear, and persuasive– in book)

Nature / Characteristics of Communication

  1. It’s a two-way process.
  2. It is an ongoing process.
  3. It is meaning-based.
  4. It is a social process.
  5. It is contextual.
  6. It is an inter-disciplinary science
  7. It avoids misunderstanding.
  8. It is dynamic.
  9. It’s more than words( signs, gestures are used).
    10 It is pervasive( used all levels of management in business)
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