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Open Source Softwares and Principle of Open Source

Open Source Softwares and Principle of Open Source

If there is something that can be modiefied and is shareable, then it can be termed as opens source. Open source is designed in such a way that it can be accessed publicly.

Open Source Software: Introduction

  • If there is software with source code and the code can be easily modified, enhanced and inspected, then the software can be called open-source software.
  • Source code can’t be easily seen by the users who use the software but the programmer can manipulate and change it.
  • Programmers with access to source code can enhance and improve the program or software by adding the features in it. Also, bugs can be fixed easily.

Principle of Open Source

  • Its open source way which is set of principles. This principle is driven from open source software development.

Most common and important principles of open source

  1. Transparency
    • Have access to information and necessary materials
    • Anyone can watch
    • Ability to see what’s going on
  2. Collaboration
    • One can freely participate
    • This helps to enhance work of eacj other
    • New possibilities can be seen
  3. Early and Often Release
    • More collaboration, more perspective
    • Leads to early and often release
  4. Community / Participation
    • Shared value with common purpose
    • Community goal
  5. Openness
    • Easy reporting of defects in software
    • Allowing to see those defects and feedbacks to public
    • Public forum for criticism
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