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Non-verbal communication and its categories

What is Non-Verbal Communication?

The communication in which we do not use words is called nonverbal communication.

Wordless messages / Non-word communication

Non-Verbal Communication can roughly be divided into six categories.

1. Kinesics

It is the body movement and gestures regarded as a form of nonverbal communication.  Example: Use of head, eyes, posture….  

2. Oculesics

 it is subcategory of  Kinesics. It is completely the study of eye movement in nonverbal communication.  Example:    Raise eyes, gazed eyes,  ….

  •   It involves eye contacts, eye movements, pupil dilation( change in the size of pupil), gaze direction  

3. Paralanguage

 It is nonverbal because it does not involve use of words. But it involves VOICE, SPEAKING SPEED, PITCH VARIATION, PAUSE,… 

4. Proxemics:

 It is a form of nonverbal communication in which you maintain distance.

  •  intimate: physical contact to 18 inches
  • Personal: 18 inches to 4 ft.
  • Social: 4 ft. to 12 ft. 
  • Public: 12 ft. to as far as one can see or see


 It is a branch of nonverbal communication in which people interact or communicate by touch without using words.

Example: Handshakes, holding hand, tapping, ….

6. Chronemics

Nonverbal communication in terms of time is called chronemics. It differs from culture to culture.

“Time is money.”  

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