Masters of Computer Science Cyber Security

Cyber Security Syllabus | MCS | Lincoln University College

Introduction to Ethical Hacking

  • Overview of Current Security Trends
  • Elements of Information Security
  • Information Security Threats and Attack Vectors
  • Hacking Concepts, Types and Phases
  • Ethical Hacking Concepts and Scope
  • Information Security Controls
  • Penetration Testing
  • Information Security Acts and Laws

Foot printing and Reconnaissance:

  • Foot Printing Concepts
  • Foot Printing through Search Engines and Advanced Google Hacking Techniques
  • Foot Printing through Web Services and Social Networking Sites
  • Website Foot Printing, Email Foot Printing and Competitive Intelligence
  • WHOIS, DNS and Network Foot Printing
  • Foot Printing through Social Engineering
  • Different Foot Printing Tools and Countermeasures
  • Foot Printing Penetration Testing

Scanning Networks:

  • Network Scanning Concepts
  • Scanning Tools
  • Scanning Techniques
  • Techniques to Scan Beyond IDS and Firewall
  • Banner Grabbing
  • Drawing Network Diagrams
  • Scanning Pen Testing


  • Enumeration Concepts
  • Different Techniques for Net BIOS Enumeration
  • Different Techniques for SNMP Enumeration
  • Different Techniques for LDAP and NTP Enumeration
  • Different Techniques for SMTP and DNS Enumeration
  • Other Enumeration such as IPSec, VoIP, RPC and Linux/Unix Enumeration
  • Different Enumeration Countermeasures
  • Enumeration Pen Testing

Vulnerability Analysis:

  • Vulnerability Research and Vulnerability Classification
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Vulnerability Management Life Cycle
  • Approaches of Vulnerability Assessment Solutions
  • Types of Vulnerability Assessment Tools

System Hacking:

  • CEH Hacking Methodology
  • Techniques to Gain Access to the system
  • Privilege escalation techniques
  • System hacking Penetration Testing

Malware Threats:

  • Malware and Malware Propagation Techniques
  • Trojans, their types and how they infect systems
  • Viruses, their types and how they infect files
  • Computer worms


  • Various sniffing techniques
  • How to defend against various sniffing techniques
  • Different techniques to detect sniffing

Social Engineering:

  • Social Engineering concepts and techniques
  • Insider threats
  • Theft Identification
  • Social engineering countermeasures

Denial of Service:

  • DoS/DDoS attack techniques
  • Botnet Network
  • DoS and DDoS attack tools
  • Techniques to detect DoS and DDoS attacks

Session Hijacking:

  • Application level session hijacking
  • Network level session hijacking
  • Session hijacking tools
  • Session hijacking countermeasures

Evading IDS, Firewalls and Honey pots:

  • IDS, Firewall and Honey pot Solutions
  • Techniques to Bypass IDS
  • Techniques to Bypass Firewalls
  • IDS/ Firewall evading tools
  • Techniques to detect honeypots

Hacking Web Servers:

  • Web Server Attacks
  • Web Server Attack Methodology
  • Different web server attack countermeasures
  • Patch Management Concepts
  • Web server security tools

Hacking Web Applications:

  • Web Application concepts
  • Web Application threats
  • Web Application Hacking Methodology
  • Web Application Hacking Tools

SQL Injection:

  • Types of SQL Injection Attacks
  • SQL Injection Methodology
  • SQL Injection Tools

Hacking Wireless Networks:

  • Wireless Encryption Algorithms
  • Wireless threats
  • Wireless hacking methodology
  • Different wireless hacking tools

Hacking Mobile Platforms:

  • Mobile Platform Attack Vectors
  • Android Threats and Attacks
  • iOS Threats and Attacks
  • Mobile security guidelines and security tools

IoT Hacking:

  • IoT Concepts
  • IoT Threats and Attacks
  • IoT Hacking Countermeasures
  • IoT Security Tools

Cloud Computing:

  • Cloud Computing Threats
  • Cloud Computing Attacks
  • Cloud Computing Security


  • Cryptography Algorithms
  • Cryptography Tools
  • Email Encryption
  • Cryptanalysis Tools
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