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Tech Leader and Entrepreneur Anjani Phuyal in his revolutionary change in Nepali Tech Industry



anjani phuyal

Anjani Phuyal is a well known renowned personality in the tech industry. He is Global CTO of Genese Solution and Asian Lead of Women in Big Data. Also, he is the Founder of Girls in Tech( Nepal Chapter) who is actively involved in various programs and webinars to promote and encourage Girls in the Tech Industry.

We had a wonderful opportunity to asks him some questions about him and about Genese Cloud Academy which is doing a great job to help the students and recent graduates to make them more employable by providing various career tracks.

Also, they are conducting Virtual Job Mela, which is happening this 26th May.

Let’s hear more about him and his thoughts in his own words;

Interview with Anjani Phuyal

Q. Tell us something about you and the organizations you are involved in.

Well, to give you a brief introduction about myself, I am Anjani Phuyal, the Global CTO of Genese Solution, the CEO of Genese Cloud Academy, the founder of Girls In Tech Nepal Chapter and the Asia Lead of Women In Big Data among other things.

Also, I am one of the Amazon Partner Network (APN) Ambassadors out of 140 Ambassadors globally, Microsoft Certified Trainer, and AWS Startup Scout.

Talking about the organization I am involved with, Genese is a leading Cloud Consulting & Cloud Native Software Development Company working relentlessly on a mission of developing end-to-end product engineering and digital transformation services to companies and startups across Europe and Asia by delivering utmost and undaunted business & technical support to our esteemed clients, customers and stakeholders with the expertise of our internationally certified engineers & business professionals.

Our goal at large is to empower companies with cutting edge digital transformation.

For further information, please visit my Linkedin profile

Q. What is Genese Cloud Academy? How can students and professionals in Nepal benefit from it?

Anjani Phuyal

An organization servicing in the education sector with a vision to introduce, train, and upskill students in different field mapping the market requirement to build work-readiness of graduating students by engaging and building partnerships with Academia, Cloud Service Providers, and with various IT-based and IT-enabled companies while encouraging women in IT, promoting entrepreneurship and start-up culture.

We are helping in making students/Graduates more employable by providing various career tracks (around 25) such as Developer, System Architect, Support Engineer, Product Manager, Business Analyst, Digital Marketing, Content writer, AI/ML Engineer, Data Scientist, etc.

Those people who don’t have real-world experience can get into the career tracks and can enhance their skills on the desired career track and get hired.

We are collaborating with different companies/organizations all over Nepal, who can directly map their skills requirement with our trained students/Graduates and can hire based upon suitability.

Similarly, we work with startups and aspiring entrepreneurs and help them shape their product ideas such that they build a product/platform which is marketable, scalable, reliable, and secure enabling them to reach the broader audience in an effective way.

We have partnered with service providers like Amazon to support the startups with up to $10000* platform funding depending upon their growth plans, investments, etc

Q. Why is Cloud Computing trending nowadays? Why AWS?

Today, cloud computing is being used as the main enabler for business transformation, and the clear deployment model of choice for modernizing existing information technology infrastructure.
With cloud platforms, the business can convert CAPEX into OPEX and can save on hefty infrastructure & maintenance costs, ensures Paramount Safety with a better encryption system in place, offers Flexibility with scalable and customizable features, and ultimately brings Strategic Value to businesses.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) remains the industry leader and the most compelling choice for business managers and IT directors because of the following reasons:



Amazon has been at the forefront of the cloud computing industry for more than a decade. As a result, the functionality of the platform and the technology behind it have been finely tuned by leading experts in the field and have evolved to meet the needs of enterprises of all sizes.


AWS is designed to be easy to use for people in all roles, from IT directors to system administrators. Deploying a web application can be done in minutes with services like Elastic Beanstalk, without any need to configure a server or write additional code.
When it comes to migration, Amazon offers a wide range of options – whether the business is moving from local hardware or switching from a competitor like Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud. AWS embraces open-source standards and supports integration with various platforms.


Storing data and applications in the cloud does not have to be a security risk. With AWS, all infrastructure is run from secure facilities and data centers. AWS users can configure custom firewalls and access rules, meaning restrictions can be put into place to support any organizational need, even government data services.

Amazon also offers a feature called Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) that gives users the power to architect their own private network within the AWS platform. A VPC can contain any number of subnets and be used across web hosts, mobile applications, and database environments.

Global Reach

Amazon hosts its data centers across the world, allowing users to choose where they want their data and applications to live. By offering more than 30 availability zones, AWS lets you run your technology right where your users are accessing it, resulting in a measurable performance boost.

AWS also has many replication services so you can host your organization’s technology in one location or continent and duplicate it in a different availability zone. With this solution, your team can recover quickly from a disaster and avoid downtime.

Proprietary Services

By choosing AWS as your primary cloud computing provider, you gain access to a long list of services available at a lower cost than competitors. All cloud providers support popular database solutions like MySQL and Oracle, but with AWS you can also choose to use a low-cost option called Amazon Aurora. Aurora is a distributed, fault-tolerant, self-healing system compatible with relational database schemas found in MySQL and PostgreSQL and is designed for high-performance cloud applications.

Robust Billing Control

With cloud computing, users pay only for the services and resources they use. However, with automated scaling options, usage can spike in a hurry and result in unexpected costs. AWS offers a comprehensive billing dashboard where users can monitor spending trends and set up alerts when certain thresholds are met. Amazon also regularly lowers the cost of existing services and will roll out the savings to active users without any change required.

Actionable Answers from Experienced AWS Consultants

Whether you are looking for a sophisticated cloud solution to help with data analytics, system integrations, website, mobile app, IoT infrastructure, or secure storage, Amazon Web Services has what clients are looking for.

Q. You are involved in lots of programs to promote and encourage Girls in the Tech Industry. What future do you think more women’s involvement in the Tech Industry holds?

Anjani Phuyal

I am really fascinated by a statement made by Charles Malik, “The fastest way to change society is to mobilize the women of the world.”

Technology is at the forefront of any nation. However, women are still underrepresented in this area, this has resulted in a lack of diversity in the innovative field. These have resulted in a lack of ideas and views from a woman’s perspective. Most of the technological solutions and products are created from the user’s perspective.

While building these, the perspective of both genders is quite important to cover the entire user domain. There is a need to create this diversity in the tech-driven industry.

Women are critical thinkers and problem solvers. They are equally capable of making solutions and solving real-world problems. The involvement of women will definitely assist to increase the country’s economy and have enough capacity to lead the tech field through innovation and entrepreneurship.

Q. We heard about the webinar spamming incidents recently with Girls in Tech. What are your thoughts? Do Nepalese people really lack awareness?

We had a spamming incident in one of our webinars which forced our team to terminate the session. After experiencing disturbances by spammers, Girls in Tech – Nepal team tracked the fraudulent people involved in the activity.

I think our country lacks internet security and cybercrime awareness. People have no idea about the consequences of their activities and in many cases don’t realize what they’ve done is a crime.

Many of those involved in such activities are doing it thinking they can’t be tracked if they remain anonymous and can get away easily after committing such incidents. However, such activities shouldn’t be taken lightly and we shouldn’t let them go easily after doing all the harms. It’s high time we raise awareness about cybercrime and internet security.

Q. What are your future plans regarding the Girls in Tech Programme after this series of webinars? Will you still continue webinars after the lockdown is over?

Due to COVID 19, we had to postpone our activities and we shifted everything online. Though the situation is tough right now, I think it didn’t stop us from carrying out our venture ahead therefore, we started organizing webinars with the motive of making the most out of this time.

As we know everyone is moving online and webinars these days are increasing at a tremendous rate, it won’t be wrong to address that we were, in fact, the pioneer to establish this culture in Nepal.

We have successfully organized over 28+ webinars and encouraged more than 1600+ participants in an average of 50-60 enthusiasts in each webinar.

For a year we don’t have any plan on moving to physical events as it still will have a high risk, therefore, we are creating our roadmap completely based on virtual capacities.

We are soon organizing virtual training sessions on various aspects, along with that we have completed our preparation for a Virtual Job Mela which is happening this 26th May.

Besides that, we will be looking into possibilities of different virtual events from webinars to hackathons along with internal sessions for our team.

Q. Is it financially possible to run such types of events/programs in the long run?

Definitely, it’s another level of challenge at this time of pandemic when people are fighting for existence and survival, but there is always a positive side for anything to look into. I think that’s how we work in Girls in Tech.

We are trying to create our own opportunity, bringing out the positive vibe along with the team and trying to find partner organizations to work together with one vision. Financials will find their way out when we find our way through making things possible. We won’t walk alone through this, as mentioned collaborative events and sessions are how we are planning to sustain in the long run.

Q. Last few words for everyone

Firstly, at the time of this global pandemic, I’d like to urge everyone to Stay Home and Stay Safe, because health & safety is the very essence of life.

Secondly, I encourage everybody to stay productive- staying at home doesn’t mean you have to stay idle, there are a lot of learning platforms and global webinars you can be a part of to broaden your knowledge horizons.

Thirdly, I understand & value the quintessence of a career in one’s life. Thus, enlighten your companies to go digital or find companies who have embraced digital platforms so that you can keep growing and prospering.

We, ICTByte is really thankful for his kind words and sharing these insightful thoughts with us.

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