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How to download Instagram videos on the phone?

How to download Instagram videos on the phone?

Instagram is one of the most popular social networking applications. It is the new hub that is attracting a lot of youths because it is all about moments. Instagram is an image and video-driven platform with features like the story, IGTV, and many more. People post thousands of photos and videos every day. Certainly, people will want to download Instagram videos on the phone.

After all, who does not want good content on their phone?

Instagram has not yet allowed users to download photos or videos. However, Instagram has provided the feature to save the video for later. But, how will you watch them when you are not online?

Thankfully, there are some ways you can download videos. There are basically two ways of doing that. Firstly, applications that you can download on your phones. And secondly, websites that you can browse. Here are some of the website and application for you to download Instagram videos on phone:

Websites to download Instagram Videos

Applications to download Instagram Video


  • Video Downloader for Instagram


  • Regrammer

How to download Instagram video on phone?

It is very easy to download Instagram videos on the phone. First, log in to your Instagram. Then, open the above application or website. After that, follow the following steps:

  1. Open your Instagram.
  2. Go to the video you want to download.
  3. Then, on the top right corner of the post (video) click on the three-dot (““) icon.
  4. Now you will see the menu bar of the video.
  5. Click on “Copy link”.
  6. After that, go to your video downloader.
  7. Paste the link on the provided black space for URL.
  8. Click on Download.
  9. Your video is now downloaded.

Now, you can see the video in your gallery of your phone.

But, remember that the video can only be downloaded from public Instagram accounts, private accounts are restricted.

Finally, have fun downloading Instagram videos!

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