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How to combine PDF files in MacOS and in PCs?

How to combine PDF files in MacOS and in PCs?

Glance at Background

PDF (Portable Document Format) is one of the most widely used and popular type of Documents around the world. PDF is primarily sharable text or photos document accessible to all types of accessible to anyone who has computer and smartphones and like a word file PDF don’t need Microsoft word to view. It can be opened with most of the browsers.

While PDF is useful to all category of people but specially PDF is helpful to students to share the assignments among the colleagues and also useful to the official workers to make different documents. PDF files and documents are easily accessible in each type of device you are using.

If you have two or more than two PDF document to send from email. then it consumes more time to send each document. Rather than selecting all PDF document one by one you can combine PDF files into a single document,

In this article ICT BYTE is going to mention the steps about how you can organize more than two or more file into a combine PDF files in MacOS and in Windows. So let’s get started,

In order to combine PDF files in MacOS you can use Preview app that comes with your computer.

How to combine PDF files on a Mac?

Mac computer have already preinstalled software called Preview to combine PDF files. In case if Preview software is not on your dock of your Mac then open new Finder window and search for it.

Quick Note:

Any external changes you made to a PDF files in Preview software can be saved automatically so, if you want to keep the original separated document as it was then you need to make one duplicate of that original file and can use one of them to merge with another.

Follow the steps to combine PDF files on a Mac:

  • First of all open Preview.
  • Then open one of the PDFs you want to combine.
  • In your PDF file click on the “View.”
combine PDF files
  • Now click on “Thumbnail” to display thumbnails in the sidebar.
  • Here you can drag another PDF from your desktop into Preview which will combine the two documents.
combine PDF files

How to combine PDF files on a PC

Like MacOs PCs don’t comes with the preinstalled software or a program to combine PDF files. But the positive things here is that you can download opensource software to make this task easier. There are many opensource software to combine PDF files but among them we are going to use PDFsam. ICT BYTE personally recommends you to use PDFsam because it is very easy and well equipped to merger and organize a PDF File.

Follow the steps to combine PDF files on PCs:

  • First of all open PDFsam.
  • then click on “Merge.”
combine PDF files
  • Then drag and drop the PDFs you want to combine into the new window or you can also click the “Add” button at the top-left.
  • Now you select if you want to normalize page size, add footers, or include a table of contents.
combine PDF files
  • Then click “Run” at the bottom.
  • Finally click on “Open” to see your new PDF file.

We hope this post help you to know How to combine PDF files in MacOS and in PCs?. If any queries arise regarding this topic then ICT BYTE recommend you to comment below. Here, we are always active to help you so don’t hesitate to share your doubt.

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