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Top 5 MacBook Accessories that you should own

Top 5 MacBook Accessories that you should own

Apple has its own line of laptops called the MacBook. Whether it be a MacBook, MacBook Air, or a MacBook Pro, all of them are great laptops from Apple. They have an amazingly sleek design and great performance. However, there are some MacBook Accessories that you need to have as a MacBook owner. These accessories highly complement the MacBook and they make the MacBook even better.

Therefore, we have come up with of list of accessories that are useful as a MacBook Air accessories or MacBook Pro accessories or MacBook accessories. So, here’s a list of MacBook accessories that you need to have in 2020.

#1. MacBook Stand

MacBook accessories macbook stand

This is a very first accessory that you want to have after you get a MacBook. The MacBook stand is a stand for keeping your laptop. The MacBook stand comes in various shapes. This stand is useful while using you laptop, because it makes using the laptop so easy as well as maintains a position where you can use it with an upright posture.

The stand also helps save space as well as protect your laptop from accidental spills. It also helps with the heat dissipation so that you laptop does not heat up too fast. So, after buying a MacBook, I recommend you buy a stand as well.

#2. Multiport adapter

multiport adapter

While the MacBook has a sleek and beautiful design, it had to sacrifice some of the ports in doing so. Therefore, you do not have a HDMI port as well as other multiple options for ports. So, getting a multiport adapter is the best option to make use of all types of ports with the MacBook.

There are various varieties of multiport adapters available in the market. Some even have SD card support, some have additional thunderbolt ports and HDMI ports as well. You can buy the multiport adapter having the ports that you require.

#3. Sleeve Pouch

sleeve pouch for laptops

MacBook is a very expensive laptop and you need to be careful while handling or storing it. It is better to protect the MacBook with an extra layer of protection so that it is safer. Therefore, you need a sleeve pouch for that extra layer of protection. In addition, the sleeve pouch will also prevent the laptop from dirt and scratches as well as damages.


#4. Wireless earphones

apple accessories earbuds

Wireless earphones are a must if you consume a lot of media on the MacBook. There is an option for the earbuds or the earbuds pro from Apple itself which you can connect to the MacBook wirelessly. However, there are other non-Apple products as well that can connect to you MacBook wirelessly. They are an important accessory as it lets to listen to audio even when you are out without disturbing others. In home as well, earphones provide more immersive experience while consuming media.

Therefore, a good pair of wireless earphones will complement your MacBook experience even more. You can either opt for Apple earbuds or you might use other wireless earphones as well.

#5. Wireless mouse

MacBook accessories magic mouse

Another small accessory that may not seem that important but widely affects your experience is the mouse. You need to use the mouse for almost all the tasks on the MacBook or any other laptops in that matter. However, using the trackpad is what most of us find not too convenient or comfortable.

Therefore, you need a wireless external mouse. It will hugely improve your MacBook using experience. Apple has its own wireless mouse called the Magic Mouse. Apple’s Magic Mouse features gestures just like the Magic trackpad on the MacBook and is easy to use. Using a wireless mouse is also useful when you are using your MacBook on a stand. Apart from Apple’s Magic mouse, there are other options too for the wireless mouse.

I hope this article was helpful. Make sure to consider all these MacBook accessories if you are looking for a better experience with your MacBook.

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