Samsung unveils revolutionary 360-degree rotating ‘Flex In & Out’ display for the future of foldable technology

Photo Credit: GSM Arena

Samsung has recently unveiled a prototype of a new display that can rotate 360 degrees, named the “Flex In & Out”. The display, which was developed by Samsung Display, a subsidiary of the company, features a unique design that aims to reduce creases that appear when the phone is folded.

This is not the first time that the prototype of the “Flex In & Out” display has been made public. In 2021, the company showcased the display at the International Meeting for Information Display (IMID) in South Korea. However, it was not used in the Galaxy Z Fold Four as previously expected. But, speculations are that it will be available in the Galaxy Z Fold Five.

The “Flex In & Out” display is a significant development in the field of foldable technology, as it allows for a more flexible and versatile use of the device. Samsung’s continued investment in this technology is expected to further improve the user experience of foldable devices in the future.

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