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Where to study Digital Marketing in Nepal?



digital marketing in Nepal

Digital Marketing which is also known as online marketing is a strategy to connect with consumers by using the internet. Businesses will achieve heights of success if they are able to input digital marketing with their marketing policies. So, this marketing strategy is very important in order to get success or to upgrade your Business. Nowadays the market is highly competitive so to get in with your business you have to include Digital Marketing.

Advantages of Digital Marketing:

  • Lower cost than traditional marketing
  • Personalization
  • High reach
  • Compete in the market

How effective is Digital marketing in Nepal?

Nepal is a developing country but many people in Nepal use the internet daily and digital marketing is marketing using the internet so, it is highly effective in Nepal.

Where to study Digital Marketing in Nepal?

There are various institutes where you can get the Digital Marketing course. So, in this article, we have provided the list of institutes where you can get the marketing training.

#Broadway Infosys
# IT training Nepal
#Digital Gurkha
#Elance Digital Media

Study Digital Marketing In Nepal

#Broadway Infosys

Location: Tinkune, Kathmandu

It is one of the popular computer training institutes in Nepal. It offers fully career-oriented online marketing courses. The trainee is trained by highly qualified online marketing instructors as well as various training resources are available. Additionally, online training is also available for trainees who are not able to present in class physically.


Location: Madan Bhandari road, Kathmandu

Launched in collaboration with Aptech, India this institution provides various programs related to Online marketing and IT. You will be provided with the right marketing skills through extensive hands-on practice. It also provides a wide range of simulations and projects. It will provide various skills in order to enable you to launch and execute your own online marketing company. Placement assistance is also provided after you complete the course.

# IT training Nepal

Location: Putalisadak, Kathmandu

IT Training Nepal is a computer training institute which provides training for online marketing as well as software programming. It enables students to visually and technologically connect to real-world marketing scenarios. Also learning is based on extensive training and lesson planning. Additionally, lecture videos along with written and practical lessons are provided.

#Digital Gurkha

Location: Pingalsthan, Kathmandu

It is one of the popular online marketing agency in Nepal. It offers various personalized quality services that help businesses build a brand through various marketing strategies. The agency provides various training such as SEO, SEM, content marketing, etc. The training helps to level up online marketing skills through various learning methods. Also, the course provides a macro outlook on marketing on the internet. It guides to utilize different social media platforms as well as create content.

#Elance Digital Media

Location: Chabahil, Kathmandu

It is a marketing agency that provides various digital services for marketing. They provide various marketing courses such as cloud marketing, SEO, SEM, corporate website design, SMM, etc. The courses are designed after collaborating with various marketing companies. Also, Trainers who are industry-leading experts teach the courses to trainees.

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