Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts to Save Your Clicks

Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts to Save Your Clicks

We need keyboard shortcuts:

Sometimes we have many assignment to complete but have less time. Sitting in front of computer for a long time is very boring if we don’t know some basic to advance key combinations. Even we may feel tired to drift a mouse on a screen time-to-time when we are busy to use keyboard. The keyboard shortcuts combinations is profitable for us. First of all it will reduce our time which goes waste just only dragging and hover mouse over a screen. It also make our computer using time long to short. We can complete some more task at a same time. So we need to know some key combination shortcut. Shortcut are more popular since past to present time. But due to upgrade in the system some shortcut may not work properly on the newest and latest computers. 

So here, Tech Byte is going to tell some keyboard Shortcuts to help computer users:

Common Keyboard shortcuts:

  1. Ctrl+c = copy(Copy the items on clipboard)
  2. Ctrl+x = cut (Cuts the selected items )
  3. Ctrl+v = paste (Paste the items on the selected area)
  4. Ctrl+q = quit (quits the current running program)
  5. Ctrl+w = close window( Shut down your window)
  6. Ctrl+n = open new(Creates the new item)
  7. Ctrl+s = save ( save items on memory)
  8. Ctrl+p = print ( print a soft copy to hard)

Shortcut for Gmail: 

  1. Retrive your Archie Gmail: E
  2. Returns on email: [
  3. Open Inbox: G then i
  4. Mark Unread: Shift+U
  5. Compose new Gmail: C
  6. Reply for inbox: R
  7. Reply for all: A
  8. Add CC recipient: Ctrl+Shift+C
  9. Add BCC recipient: Ctrl+Shift+B

Shortcut for Facebook:

  1. j/k scroll on News Feed stories
  2. l to like
  3. c to comments
  4. p to post a new status update
  5. / to search

Press the numbers for Facebook shortcut:

  • 0 for Help
  • 1 for Home
  • 2 for Timeline
  • 3 for Friends
  • 4 for Inbox
  • 5 for Notifications
  • 6 for Settings
  • 7 for Activity Log
  • 8 for About
  • 9 for Terms

Shortcut for Windows:

  1. Alt+home/end to scrolls top to bottom of a page
  2. Alt+Tab to switch between open tabs
  3. Windows+d to show desktop
  4. F2 for rename a selected file or folder
  5. Windows+Print Screen to take a screenshot
  6. Windows+m to minimize all tabs

We hope these guidelines help you to know 10 Keyboard Shortcuts to Save You Clicks . If any queries arise regarding this topic then ICT BYTE recommend you to comment below. Here, we are always active to help you so don’t hesitate to share your doubt

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