Tribhuvan University, Institute of Science and Technology, Dean’s Office has published the examination result of a B.Sc. CSIT sixth-semester 2074 Batch yesterday i.e.  30th November 2021. B.Sc.CSIT Third year  Sixth Semester Exam Result published Visit TU ‘s official site to View the complete BSc.CSIT Third-year Sixth Semester Result Read More →

BSc.CSIT sixth Semester Syllabus

BSc.CSIT Sixth Semester Syllabus Overview Syllabus of BSc.CSIT Sixth Semester comprises five compulsory courses that include Software Engineering, Compiler Design and Construction, E-Governance, NET Centric Computing, Technical Writing, and Elective II. They are a total of 18 credit hours with a total of 600 full marks. BSc.CSIT Sixth Semester courseRead More →

B.Sc. CSIT 6th Semester Old Questions Subject : Software Engineering Year : 2068 Attempt any ten questions. (10×6=60) 1. Differentiate between software process and software process model. 2. What are the key challenges facing in Software Engineering? Explain. 3. Explain the system design process. 4. Why program are developed usingRead More →