BSc.CSIT Fourth Semester Computer Networks Old Question

BSc.CSIT 4th Semester Old Questions Subject: Computer Networks Year : 2067 Bsc.CSIT Computer Network Old Questions Long Answer Questions:Attempt all questions: (2×10=20) Explain the principles of application layer protocols. What do you mean by file transfer? OR What are the main relationship between transport layer and network layer? What areRead More →

BSc.CSIT Fourth Semester Syllabus | TU Syllabus

BSc.CSIT Fourth Semester Syllabus Overview BSc.CSIT Fourth Semester course code is shown below in table: SN  Course Code  Course Title  Credit Hrs.  Full Marks  1  CSC257  Theory of Computation  3  100  2  CSC258  Computer Networks  3  100  3  CSC259  Operating Systems  3  100  4  CSC260  Database Management System  3  100 Read More →