BSc.CSIT Second semester Microprocessor

BSc.CSIT 2nd Semester Old Questions Subject: Microprocessor Year: 2065 BSc.CSIT 2nd Semester Microprocessor Old Questions Attempt any TWO questions: (10×2=20) Draw the block diagram of basic microprocessor and explain it. Which block design is simple andexplain it? Why addressing modes are required in microprocessor? Discuss different types of addressing modeswithRead More →

BSc.CSIT Second semester OOP Questions

BSc.CSIT 2nd Semester Old Questions Subject: Object-Oriented Programming BSc.CSIT Second semester OOP Questions of Year: 2066 Attempt any two questions: (2×10=20) Explain in detail the following principles of Object-Oriented Programming.i) Data encapsulation and data hiding.ii) Inheritance and Polymorphism.iii) Abstraction Why constructor and destructor are required on Object Oriented Programming? ExplainRead More →

BSc.CSIT Second Semester Syllabus

BSc.CSIT Second Semester Syllabus Overview Syllabus of BSc.CSIT Second Semester comprises five compulsory courses that include Discrete Structures, Object-Oriented Programming, Microprocessor, Mathematics II, and Statistics I. They are a total of 15 credit hours with a total of 500 full marks. BSc.CSIT Second Semester course code is shown below inRead More →