Best Helmets Under 10k in Nepal!

Best Helmets Under 10k in Nepal!

With many good helmets available in the market, finding the best helmet under Rs 10,000 is a tough task.

A good helmet is a necessary accessory for any two-wheeler. Helmets are mandatory for two-wheeler drivers in Nepal. Wearing a helmet is very important for safety. Apart from safety, helmets also add to the ease of riding. That is why the helmets are available with different graphics and designs. There are helmets available in the market from various helmet manufacturers. Graphics and design always attract people to buy a helmet, but they should think about safety, not style. It is always recommended to wear a full helmet, whether it is on an electric bike or one that works with fuel.

Of course, it is burdensome to carry around a helmet while you’re off the motor vehicle, and it can mess up your hair, but the helmet protects your eyes, protects you from a cold breeze, guarantees the best choice, and reduces the possibility of a head -injury. So, today we bring you the list of best helmets under 10000 rupees in Nepal.

1Steelbird SA-2 AeronauticsRs 6,500
2MT TargoRs 7,875
3LS2 FlashRs 8,900
4Axor ApexRs 9,800
5SMK TwisterRs 8,900-10,000

1. Steelbird SA-2 Aeronautics:

Another helmet priced at Rs 10,000 is the SA-2 Aeronautics Steelband. Steelbird is particularly known for women’s full-face hats. This hat is mainly known as the economy hat and is a very popular choice in this category. It is a light helmet that weighs only about 1300 grams. Made of resistant ABS material, it has aerodynamic performance and strong construction.

If we talk about the inner part of the helmet, then 200 million tomans. One of the best helmets under 10,000, with multi-layer high and low-density EPS (Thermocell) air channels for maximum protection. The inner cushion of the cap has special care and makes it hypoallergenic. The cushion can be easily removed and washed. Ventilation is also suitable for this cap.

Steelbird claims it is the first helmet in the world with NACA airflow technology. It is an efficient ventilation system used in airplanes and supercars. Dual NACA intakes at the top of the shield allow plenty of air to flow into the helmet, refreshing and humidifying the interior, while intakes at the rear allow quick removal of stale air. The Steelbird SA-2 Aeronautics features a clip with scratch-resistant coating and a quick-release clip mechanism. The helmet also has an odorless mouthguard and a micrometric buckle.

The price for Steelbird SA-2 Aeronautics is Rs 6,500.


2. MT Targo:

MT has been one of the most trusted and best helmet brands for years. If you are looking for a helmet under 10,000 rupees in Nepal, you should definitely check out the MT helmet. The MT Targo has a HIRP configuration. The HIRP (High Impact Resistant Polymer) material is made of polymer injected into very precise blocks to provide superior properties such as lightness and impact resistance. In addition, this helmet is DOT and ECE certified.

The interior was specially designed by MT Targo. The inner helmet is hypoallergenic, removable, and washable. The inside of the cap is fireproof and has air intake and air intake. This helmet has an anti-scratch and anti-snow clip that provides 100% visibility. Although the clip is easy to remove, it has a metal lock that allows it to stay in place and block all obstructions in sight. Likewise, the flexibility and strength of polycarbonate provide optimal visual protection, and the optical factor provides a high level of light transmission. Anti-fog features provide a clear and safe view for riders wearing one of the best helmets around. 

MT Targo is priced at Rs 7,875.


3. LS2 Flash:

The LS2 is one of the most popular and best-selling helmets in the Valley. The Stream and Rapid helmets became very popular and remain some of the most popular helmets because of the quality they sell. While both are still good options, the LS2 Flash offers a breath of fresh air with a new design and graphics at a price of Rs. The best helmet under 10000. The LS2 Flash has dual ECE-R22/05 and DOT certification. Its weight is only 1400 grams thanks to the polycarbonate used in the body. This not only makes the helmet lighter but also more resistant to penetration. Inside the helmet is a high-density EPS foam that increases safety by providing strong cushioning and elasticity. It can be removed and washed, it has antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties.

In addition, the hat also provides more ventilation. It provides ventilation through the chin vent, upper intake, and rear spoiler exhaust. This allows the exhaust valve to create a constant flow of air through the grooves of the Styrofoam. The LS2 lightning clip is Pinlock ready (Pinlock 70), scratch, and UV resistant. Riders can also wear goggles as the LS2 flash has eye grooves. These features make the LS2 helmet one of the best helmets available today.

The LS2 Flash is priced at Rs. 8900 and has many graphics to choose from.


4. Axor Apex:

Axor is definitely one of the most popular and best helmets out there right now. Axor also has different models under its name. If you are looking to buy a new helmet under Rs 10,000, the Apex series should definitely be on your list. All Axor Apex series helmets are ISI-certified. The helmet is made of ABS material, which is used for high protection. It has a double EPS liner designed to fit perfectly on the head, as well as absorb shock and prevent penetration during a crash. The helmet has a chinstrap with a double T-ring for a secure fit.

As one of the best helmets out there, it also has plenty of ventilation holes. The upper exhaust helps increase the volume of air inside the helmet, while the rear exhaust is combined with the spoiler for optimal ventilation. This hat also includes a vent and chin. There is also an optically correct anti-fog clip that features a toolless quick-change mechanism. In case of rain, humidity, or sudden changes in temperature, it is better to have an anti-fog mask. There is an internal solar shade.

The Axor Apex is priced at Rs. 9800 and there are many graphics that users can choose from.


5. SMK Twister:

SMK is another great helmet brand that offers durable helmets with good cushioning. SMK says the company used the latest generation materials for maximum safety and style. The SMK twister is undoubtedly one of the best helmets under Rs 10,000. It is also ISI and ECE-certified and has many features for comfort and safety. The inside of the cap is a moisture-resistant, antistatic fabric. It is also hypoallergenic, that is, it does not cause skin irritation in allergic conditions. The inside of the helmet is also removable and can be cleaned by the rider.

Similarly, the different density EPS in the helmet improves shock absorption and allows cooling air to move freely through the tunnels created in the EPS. This helmet is equipped with Bluetooth and has a dedicated intercom slot. The helmet has chin vents and top vents, channels that keep the inside of the helmet cool. In addition, this hat has a wind deflector, heat outlet, and wind protection for comfort. The bracket is also well equipped in the Twister. The cap has a double closure and the main clip has a locking system that creates an airtight compartment and prevents fog from settling on it. The clip is UV, scratch resistant, and has a quick release feature. The reinforced belt also has a quick-release function.

 The SMK Twister costs between 8,900 and 10,000 rupees depending on the graphics. SMK also offers the Stellar model priced at Rs 8,750.


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