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When we visit a new place for the very first time then the first questions raise on our mind is Where I am? . For the answer you need to ask the local people. Google maps also solve your half of the query by pointing the average location. Sometimes it is very joyful to ask the people for the exact location but sometimes it is not so interesting to ask for a place.


For the ultimate solution for this problem Mesovision Technology has recently launched a app named “KAHA” in Nepali “कहाँ” which gives us all answer of the questions at once in one click. Imagine you have to go for ICT BYTE office you know the office name but doesn’t know the exact location of the office then KAHA apps will do all your work. You don’t have to ask for the concerned people for this kaha apps drop you there. This app is very easy to use.


It is the very good achievement of Nepali ICT field. Though the world is acceleration the development of Digitization, Nepal even don’t have the app or a program which have the collective data of Street and House code included in a same platform. Currently, The situation of Nepal is not so good in the context addressing the exact location.

If we have to invite someone to our house then we have to told them the location in a very descriptive method. We can say take a 20 minutes ride from that place then leave the vehicle in that stop and then walk for 10 minutes straight you would found the green color hours just opposite to you then turn left for 10 minutes from the link road after that you will found green color house in front of you that’s my house. Giving the direction in such a way is very annoying and embarrassing and very annoying and this is the problem for the location giver and the second person.

In order to minimize/eradicate this type of problem KAHA apps is introduced said by Narayan Bd. Chhetri (One of the Developer of KAHA app).


We can register our personal location and and our business from KAHA app. After the registration, the owner have the authority to customize their profile. This is deloped and designed as user-friendly app. The app has the features of conversation which helps the them to connect each other. This app is not only made with the vision of providing the location, It can help to report the abnormal accidents like fire, robbery, or any of the danger accidents held in the local area. Stable tags are given to the user and they remains personal.


We can also collects the information of the local products from KAHA apps. From the tag of the application we can found the information and details of the nearest shop, gas shop, beauty parlor, barber shop and so on. In the tag category there are Hotels, Restaurant, Guesthouse, School, College, and health institutions are included.


In aggregate this app will be the milestone for the people in the field of explore the new locations and so on. This is most valuable effort of the whole team and Tech Byte like to wish for the better future of the KAHA app.

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We hope these article helps you to get update of New location partner KAHA APP. If any queries arise regarding this topic then ICT BYTE recommend you to comment below. Here, we are always active to help you so don’t hesitate to share your doubt.

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